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I am in love with the visual world around me. What the light defines, what I see around me has an intense fascination for me. All my senses are stimulated by what I see; this changes my feelings, & thinking. It is I believe a spiritual process. My spirit is enhanced. I am inspired and motivated by the energy of this impact. I observe and paint what I have experienced. When I look at a scene that attracts me, I respond viscerally. I would like the paintings to express something of this relationship this presence. Particularly in the Beach and Seascapes..

New work created on my I-phone with app. ArtRage.  see  i phone prints

I embrace technology as another way of making marks that help me to express my visual experience of the world There is a tradition in fine art to use technology whether it is a new type of paint, a Polaroid (’s) or an I-pad;   sculptors particularly seem to rise above the argument (s) of "is it art or is it craft"?

I work on my I-phone; I start with a photo to outline and set boundaries of the image and then fade that out as I select different virtual tools, pencil, paint, crayon, palette knife etc. to make the marks I want. I then convert image to computer and print Giclee Art prints.

There are limitations but for me the benefits far outweigh them. I am sailing the major part of seven months of the year, The Phone Art gives me quick and easy access to record, sketch and develop images. I can work for a few minutes at a time when circumstances allow and if I don’t like a set of marks I delete! These works are limited editions, presented mounted and framed or backed and wrapped (b&w)

Reciprocals and Reflections are a constant source of beauty, ideas, visual games and metaphors. The world seen through a looking glass, my frame of reference turned on its proverbial head. The abstract made literal. The reflection of the cloud on the beach appears to me as real as the cloud itself; the recipricol has a dual identity and will switch identity, value.

Figurative. The figurative work is more about energy and movement and influence from medieval icons that are quite the opposite.

Doors. Are new work influenced by Moroccan doors and the light, entrances and exits and fascinated by peeled layers materials, patterns, tiles and time. A lovely vehicle to play with colours and textures.

The practical process has developed over the years. The paintings are primarily gouache on board or paper and mixing gum Arabic to give added translucence which seeks to capture the translucence, depth of tone and widely varying tones and colours. Some I use collage of other materials in these paintings. I draw on my memories of the experience; in spirit, these paintings reflect my perception of, and my love for, the unique land and seascapes that I inhabit

richard lannowe hall